Air blower chamber

What is a air blower chamber?

The air shower serves as a buffer between a clean environment and an unclean environment. It uses high-speed clean airflow to clean dirt that clings to people or object surfaces before they enter a clean environment.

A reasonably installed air blower will help reduce the rate of contamination in a clean room to a very low level as all the dirt has almost been cleaned before the person or material enters.

Buồng thổi khí

Air Shower

Classification of air blower chamber

There are two types of air blower chambers:

– The type of closed chamber as shown above, with an interlock, is designed for 1, 2 or 3 people in a gas bath. This type requires employees to wait for a certain period of time before entering a clean area.

– Tunnel air baths, used for environments with many employees (30-40 people), this type does not require employees to stop, when passing through the tunnel, clean air is blown to clean the dirt on the person.

buong thoi khi dang duong ham

Air shower tunnel


– Body part: with outer shell made from stainless steel or stainless steel 304

– Door: equipped with Interlock locking system, ensuring 2 doors of air shower are never opened at the same time.

– Blower fan

– Air filter: includes coarse filter and HEPA filter

– Blows & nozzles: the number can be adjusted depending on the design and the number of people entering and exiting the air bath in 1 time.

– Panel

– Infrared sensor

cấu tạo buồng thổi khí



The Interlock system works similarly to air lock. After fully clothed personnel and protective equipment enter the Airshower, the infrared sensor receives signals and controls the blower at high speed, creating a wave effect, vibrating (flapping) to clean the dirt on the clothes. Dirt is swept away by the flow of gas to the low pressure area in the cavity and is retained by the air filter. 

Normally, the wind speed in the Airshower is about 15-35 m/s and is blown in about 30-45 seconds. 

After the above period, the door to the clean room is open, the staff enters the clean room with most of the dirt removed, ensuring no pollution to the internal environment.


Most employees who work in a clean environment understand what it means to ensure cleanliness in their work environment. But in cases of negligence, air showers are a second layer of protection that prevents cross-contamination from occurring to a cleanroom environment.

Not only preventing possible damage caused by clean environmental pollution, the air blower chamber also helps reduce the cost of maintenance and maintenance of cleanrooms because the ventilation system has been greatly reduced. Therefore, when comparing costs and profits, this is a well-deserved investment.

With the above advantages, the Air Blower Chamber is a cleanroom device that is commonly equipped in many fields such as Biotechnology, Electronics, Microchips, Aerospace, Nanotechnology and especially in the Pharmaceutical industry.

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