Understanding the process for implementing an investment project not only helps the investor grasp the work to be done, but also ensures the legal conditions for the stable operation of the project. GMP Groups will provide you with information about the process of implementing two types of investment projects: investment projects in industrial parks and investment projects outside industrial parks. 


Investment project implementation process

Investment projects in industrial parks 

An industrial park is a gathering area of large enterprises specializing in the production of industrial goods and industrial production services. This is considered as an ideal destination for domestic and foreign investors who want to develop their business in Vietnam.

GMP Groups summarizes the project investment process in the industrial park consisting of 8 basic stages for investors to know the information before investing the project in the industrial park.

Quy trình thực hiện dự án đầu tư trong khu công nghiệp

Process of implementation of investment projects in industrial parks

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Investment projects outside the Industrial Park

Quy trình đầu tư dự án ngoài khu công nghiệp

Project investment process outside the industrial park

If projects in industrial parks are projects carried out in areas with defined geographical boundaries, specializing in the production of industrial goods and the implementation of services for industrial production; a project outside an industrial park is a project that is implemented outside industrial parks, such as urban areas, residential areas,… Investment projects outside industrial parks are managed and approved by the People’s Committees of provinces and cities. 

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GMP Groups - Investment project planning and planning consultancy

On the basis of extensive and synchronous expertise, we are committed to bringing customers the best investment project planning and planning consulting services. At GMP Groups, we provide an overall solution in the field of cleanroom. In particular, project planning and planning consultancy is the first step in the series of 9 overall solutions that we provide to customers. Our services include: 

1. Consulting on investment project planning and planning 

2. Clean room design  

3. Cleanroom construction  

4. Appraisal and evaluation of cleanrooms 

5. Calibrating and testing equipment

6. Consultancy on declaration of eligibility for medical equipment production 

7. GxP & ISO Standard Consultancy

8. Pharmaceutical – cosmetic – health food technology consultancy

9. Warehouse equipment consulting, testing and electromechanical.

With the desire to provide a comprehensive “ecosystem” of services related to the pharmaceutical – cosmetic – food sector BVSK, GMP Groups will be the perfect choice for any customer. For more information, please contact:

GMP Groups Joint Stock Company

Head office: No 273 Hoa Ban, Ecoriver Eco-Investor, Hai Tan Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province

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