Advice on applying GMP-WHO standards

GMP-WHO is a very familiar term, as well as a mandatory standard in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing. So what is the GMP-WHO standard? What criteria does a pharmaceutical manufacturer that wants to meet the GMP-WHO standard have? Let’s find out with GMP Groups in the article below.

GMP-HS standards in the production of health-protective foods

GMP-HS is a mandatory standard that any Health Protection Food Processing Unit (TPBVSK) needs to adhere to. What is the GMP-HS standard? What are the relevant standards? Join GMP Groups to learn more about these standards in the article below.

GMP-EU Standard Consultancy

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are one of the sets of principles and standards to be ensured for pharmaceutical production facilities. In the trend of global integration, Vietnamese production facilities not only need to meet domestic requirements but also comply with the requirements of other regions and territories such as GMP-EU, GMP-WHO, GMP-Japan standards. In this article, let’s find out what the GMP-EU standard is. How is GMP-EU different from GMP-WHO?