Advice on applying GMP-WHO standards

GMP-WHO is a very familiar term, as well as a mandatory standard in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing. So what is the GMP-WHO standard? What criteria does a pharmaceutical manufacturer that wants to meet the GMP-WHO standard have? Let’s find out with GMP Groups in the article below.

GMP-HS standards in the production of health-protective foods

GMP-HS is a mandatory standard that any Health Protection Food Processing Unit (TPBVSK) needs to adhere to. What is the GMP-HS standard? What are the relevant standards? Join GMP Groups to learn more about these standards in the article below.

GMP-EU Standard Consultancy

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are one of the sets of principles and standards to be ensured for pharmaceutical production facilities. In the trend of global integration, Vietnamese production facilities not only need to meet domestic requirements but also comply with the requirements of other regions and territories such as GMP-EU, GMP-WHO, GMP-Japan standards. In this article, let’s find out what the GMP-EU standard is. How is GMP-EU different from GMP-WHO?

ISO 9001 Certification Consulting Service

GMP Groups supports any organization to implement ISO 9001 or achieve ISO 9001 certification. We with years of experience in the field of Quality Consulting will provide you with guidance & professional know-how, coaching & mentoring, online and on-site training, samples and everything you need to achieve ISO 9001 Certification.

ISO 13485 Certification Consulting Service

ISO 13485 is widely applied to medical device manufacturers. This is also a requirement if the manufacturing facility of medical instruments, medical devices, medical supplies wants its products to be widely recognized globally. The current version of ISO 13485 is ISO 13485:2016. What is ISO 13485? What are the benefits of applying ISO 13485 and which unit advises on prestigious standards? Join GMP Groups to find out in the following content.

GSP standard consultancy and GSP warehouses in the pharmaceutical industry

According to Circular No. 36/2018/TT-BYT, in the drug manufacturing industry, drug production and storage facilities need to comply with GSP standards. So what is GSP? How do GSP standards and warehouses achieve GSP in the pharmaceutical industry? Which consultancy unit applies the GSP standard? Find out and contact GMP Groups as soon as you ask!

What is the GLP standard? Advice on applying GLP standards

Any product before launching to the market must pass quality control and meet GLP standards. Let’s see what the GLP standard is with GMP Groups. What requirements do GLP-standard laboratories meet!

GxP/ISO Standard Consultancy

The GxP &ISO standard is a set of regulations and guidelines to solve the quality safety of products in a systematic and very effective way. Join GMP Groups to learn more about the GxP &ISO standard in the article below.