GMP Groups supports any organization to implement ISO 9001 or achieve ISO 9001 certification. We with years of experience in the field of Quality Consulting will provide you with guidance & professional know-how, coaching & mentoring, online and on-site training, samples and everything you need to achieve ISO 9001 Certification.


What is ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard for quality management systems of global value. This standard is a set of quality management requirements that apply to all types of enterprises regardless of size or type of production, business and service.

Businesses that are adopting ISO 9001 encourage updating the 2015 version as soon as possible.

1.1. ISO 9001: 2015 includes 10 provisions:

  1. Scope of application
  2. Citation documents
  3. Terms and definitions
  4. The context of the organization.
  5. Leadership
  6. Define
  7. Support
  8. Executive
  9. Evaluation of performance
  10. Improve

1.2. The Nature of ISO 9001:2015

– The main framework of ISO 9001 standards according to the principle of continuous improvement, i.e. Planning – Implementation of planning – Testing the implementation – Action on evaluation, improvement.

– Business leaders need to appoint some key personnel of the departments to form a team of personnel to develop and apply ISO. These employees are well aware of the work, responsibilities and powers of each person in their department to develop a specific process/ guidance, best suited to each job position.

– Operation processes/instructions should be specific, accurate and divided into steps that are easy to implement and implement for each position in the enterprise.


Benefits of applying ISO 9001 to businesses

The adoption of iso 9001 quality management system will help managers refresh and promote the development of the organization and bring the following benefits to organizations and businesses:

– Strengthen the role and prestige of leaders in effectively operating the system processes.

– Strengthen the reputation, reliability, satisfaction, trust of customers and interested parties for products, services and operations of enterprises

– Compact, strict management system, efficient and fast operation thereby improving business efficiency, minimizing unnecessary operating costs, increasing profitability by making reasonable use of available resources.

– Minimize risks and costs of resolving quality incidents, fines for violations of quality laws.

– Help increase the linkage with the parts and stages between production, business, services to bring the best efficiency.

Everyone understands their responsibilities and rights, actively performs their work effectively.

ISO 9001:2015 certification is an effective way of communicating products/services and businesses.

– Create a foundation for the implementation and development of other international management systems ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 13485,…


GMP Groups provides ISO 9001:2015 certification consultancy service for businesses

Đội ngũ chuyên môn tư vấn tiêu chuẩn hệ thống quản lý chất lượng

Qualified consulting team of quality management system

If ISO 9001 only makes business requests to “do something”, GMP GROUPS will help businesses know “how to do it”.

At GMP GROUPS, iso 9001:2015 certification consultancy service will be designed to suit the specific size, needs and purposes of the business, helping businesses optimize both costs, time and resources.

Selecting GMP GROUPS, businesses can be completely assured of the quality of our services by a team of leading experts, qualified, competent and seasoned in practice, flexible in handling outstanding issues of the business.

– Authentic advice, easy to understand, limit cumbersome procedures, enhance the effectiveness of application.

– Closely monitor and regularly report fully and accurately on the implementation of the management system for enterprises to take appropriate actions.


GMP Groups ISO 9001 implementation process

Before applying ISO 9001 in enterprises, it is necessary to understand the process of building and implementing quality management systems. Because it will help businesses have better preparation as well as the system base is operated smoothly.

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