Among the many contractors designing cleanrooms on the market today, GMP Groups is a brand that many investors trust. The cleanroom design at GMP Groups consists of two main contents: Technology Section and System Section.


GMP Groups CleanRoom Design Overview

Clean room design is a service that is in the overall suite of cleanroom solutions that we provide. At GMP Groups, the cleanroom design consists of two main contents:

1.1. Technology part

– Concept design 

– Designing the technology 

– Designing the installation of production equipment 

– Consulting production equipment 

1.2. System part  

– Panel system (walls, walls, ceiling, door, glass umbrella) 

– HVAC system (AHU, FCU, wind pipe, filter, wind box) 

– Electrical system (Electric, power control, electric lighting) 

– Auxiliary system (Pneumatic, RO water, SH water, steam…)


GMP Groups CleanRoom Design Phases

When taking over a cleanroom project, GMP Groups always adheres to a strict and mandatory process. This helps customers and GMP Groups to have consistency in ideas, as well as ensure the design is of the highest quality.

Các giai đoạn thiết kế phòng sạch của GMP Groups

GMP Groups CleanRoom Design Phases

The cleanroom design process goes through three main stages: 

2.1. The basic design phase, this phase consists of 4 work contents

– The design of the premises is the total project premises and functional subdivisions of the works.

– Designing the technology is the design of the premises of production lines such as soft capsules, tablets, syrups, herbal medicines …

– Equipment ground design is a 2D drawing of production equipment, full specifications of size, height, capacity and energy consumption sources. 

– Preliminary estimates give the concepts to help investors shape the investment budget for the project.

2.2. Technical design 

– Calculation of systems: is to calculate the parameters of the system such as HVAC, electricity system, water …

– Detailed design of the items of the systems after having detailed calculation data. 

– Detailed estimates give detailed cost calculations for each item, based on preliminary estimates.

2.3. Construction technical design 

– Combine the system on a 3D three-dimensional space model to help the investor have a more intuitive view of the project.

– Design detailed construction drawings (shopdrawing) used during construction.


Benefits of choosing GMP Groups as a clean room design unit

The design of clean rooms is the basis for the construction and installation of a standard clean room system, and the investor can calculate the cost of the project. A standard cleanroom design will bring a lot of benefits to investors and businesses.

Lợi ích của việc thiết kế phòng sạch tại GMP Groups

Benefits of designing clean rooms at GMP Groups

Here’s an overview of cleanroom design services at GMP Groups, service details please see at: GMP cleanroom design.

With the “Turnkey Solution”, GMP Groups has been selected by investors to accompany cleanroom projects. You can check out our actual projects at: GMP Groups’ cleanroom project..

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