Currently in all areas, the use of measuring devices to monitor the control of process parameters is essential. This helps to achieve safe and quality end results. To ensure accurate measuring equipment, errors are within the permissible limits, these devices must first be manufactured by a quality, originating line system. Then those devices must be calibrated and inspected initially and periodically. 


What is calibrating and testing?

Vietnamese law has developed laws, decrees, circulars… to manage measurement activities, control of measuring equipment-means. This shows the importance of this activity.

The term “calibrated” or “audited” was clearly defined in the 2011 Measurement Code. Accordingly:

+ Inspection is the activity of evaluating and confirming the measurement technical characteristics of the measuring instrument according to the measurement technical requirements.

+ Calibrate is the activity of determining and establishing the relationship between the measurement value of the measurement standard, the measuring instrument standard and the measuring value of the instrument-means to be measured.


"Audit" or "Calibrate"? When is testing mandatory?

The user must determine the purpose of the measuring device. Through the purpose of use, the measuring devices will be divided into 2 categories: Group 1 measuring media and group 2 measuring media. In it:

a. Group 1 measuring media

Are the means of measurement used in scientific research, control, technological process adjustment, quality control in production. Or other purposes not within the scope of the controlled group 2 means of measurement according to the measurement technical requirements published by organizations and individuals.

For the means of measuring group 1 “inspection” or “calibratation” in the voluntary form of organizations and individuals. Organizations and individuals can choose to “audit” or “calibrate” or both according to their requirements and wishes.

Group 1 measuring vehicles are “tested”, “calibrated” at units providing inspection, calibratation, testing of measuring instruments, measurement standards in accordance with supply 105/206/ND-CP and Decree No. 154/2018/ND-CP.

b. Group 2 measuring media

These are means of measurement used to quantify goods and services in purchase, sale and payment. The aim is to ensure safety, protect public health, protect the environment in inspection, inspection, judicial expertise and other public service activities must be controlled according to the measurement technical requirements prescribed by competent state management agencies for measurement.

For the means of measuring group 2 “inspections” of a mandatory nature, they must comply with the requirements as prescribed by law. Group 2 measuring instruments must be tested in the following cases:

– Initial inspection when put into use

– Periodic inspection during use

– Inspection after repair

The list of group 2 measurement instruments issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology in accordance with Circular No. 23/2013/TT-BKHCN and Circular No. 07/2019/TT-BKHCN amending a number of articles of Circular 23/2013 clearly specifies the names, measurement control measures and inspection cycles.

See measurement regulations for group 2 media here:

Circular No. 23/2013/TT-BKHCN

Circular No. 07/2019/TT-BKHCN

Group 2 means of measurement must be inspected at the inspection, calibratation, testing of measuring instruments, measurement standards “designated” in accordance with Decree 105/2016/ND-CP and Decree 154/2018/ND-CP.

As mentioned above, the “inspection” or “calibratation” of group 1 measurement means is a voluntary form that is not mandatory. However, in some areas such as pharmaceuticals, health foods or cosmetics, the good practice guidance system requires the implementation of “periodic calibration” of these measuring devices and that is also the content of concern of inspectors when conducting inspections of facilities producing such products. For group 2 measurements, it is always mandatory in accordance with the law in all sectors and sectors.


GMP Groups Equipment Calibrating and Inspection Services

Understanding the nature of testing and calibrating measuring equipment, GMP Groups is confident to provide customers with the most complete and accurate inspection and calibrating services including:

– Advise customers on how to classify measuring equipment based on the purpose of use of the device.

– Help customers “verify” “calibrate” equipment in compliance with the provisions of law and related instructions.

– Ensure the accuracy of the results of “inspection” “calibrate” thereby helping customers evaluate and use the equipment accordingly.

– Ensure that the standardized “calibration” process and dossiers comply with relevant measurement standards.

– Ensure that the organization of “calibration inspection” is suitable for each group of measuring vehicles in compliance with the provisions of law.

– The person performing the “calibration” is trained, has expertise and has a certificate.

– Time to provide quick and convenient results for customers

– Ensure 100% of certificates and inspection stamps are legally valid.

For more information about the Device Calibration &Inspection service, please contact:

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