Consulting production equipment, testing to suit the technology and investment rate as well as meeting GMP requirements during the appraisal process is a mandatory factor. In the following article, GMP Groups will introduce to readers the consulting service of production equipment and testing in accordance with GMP Groups’ GMP standards.


GMP Groups pharmaceutical production lines and equipment consulting

Consulting equipment for production, testing, warehouse and electromechanical equipment is a service in GMP Groups’ overall cleanroom solution suite. GMP Groups specializes in consulting on the construction and evaluation of pharmaceutical and cosmetic production lines. With a team with a lot of experience, we have many solutions to suit all customer requirements. From semi-automatic devices to highly automated equipment, from simple to complex production lines. Below are 6 technology lines, production equipment we confidently provide consulting services to customers.

1. Soft cyst drug production line

2. Pill Production Line

3. Syrup Drug Production Line 

4. Pharmaceutical drug production line 

5. Cosmetic production line 

6. Production line of injectable and infusion drugs


Production equipment in pharmaceutical - cosmetic lines

In the process of building the factory according to GMP standards, the investor needs to understand the production process as well as the machinery necessary for operation. From there, there is a plan to choose the right equipment and optimize the cost. Some basic equipment in pharmaceutical and cosmetic production lines to ensure GMP standards can be mentioned as follows.

Soft Capsule Line Production Equipment 

Thiết bị sản xuất dây chuyền viên nang mềm

Soft Capsule Line Production Equipment

See also some production equipment of other lines:

– Pill Line Production Equipment 

– Syrup Drug Line Production Equipment  

– Production equipment of herbal medicine line 

– Cosmetic line production equipment 

– Production equipment for injection and infusion drug lines


GMP Groups advises on pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing process

In order to have quality products brought to the market, the production process is extremely necessary. The production process is strictly controlled from the selection of raw materials to product packaging. All production stages are carried out on modern machinery lines.

Soft capsule manufacturing process 

A soft capsule is a soft mass containing active ingredients and excipicitation closed in a sealed shell of various shapes and sizes. Soft capsule shells made of a mixture of gelatin, plasticizers, pigments, preservatives. The drug closes in soft follicles in liquid form, solution, mixture, emulsion. The process of producing soft capsules is carried out as follows: 

Quy trình sản xuất viên nang mềm

Soft capsule manufacturing process

The above is the basic knowledge of the process of producing soft capsules. If you would like to learn more details about the production process of other dosage forms please refer to the following articles:

– Pill manufacturing process

– Syrup drug manufacturing process  

– Production process of herbal medicines 

– Cosmetic manufacturing process

– Process of production of injectable drugs, infusions

The article on GMP Groups gave the most overview of manufacturing and testing equipment consulting services. Service details, please see: Consulting production and testing equipment

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