In order to allow cleanrooms to be put into use and create products of the desired quality, meeting the requirements of relevant guidelines and laws, at each stage of the cleanroom, we must “Appraise and evaluate cleanrooms”. The evaluation and appraisal of clean rooms must always go hand in hand with the process of building a clean room. Find out about this service with the article below.


What is cleanroom appraisal and evaluation?

Clean room appraisal and evaluation is a service in GMP Groups’ overall suite of cleanroom solutions. The stages of cleanroom evaluation go hand in hand with the specific construction process as follows:  

– Cleanroom Design Phase: Design Evaluation 

The results obtained at the design stage are recorded in the “Design Evaluation Record”. 

– Cleanroom construction phase: Installation assessment

The investor will conduct a practical assessment of the final construction and installation results, ensuring all changes in the design drawing have been updated in the finished drawing. At the same time, all such assessment and inspection activities are saved in the “Installation Assessment Dossier”.

– Cleanroom operation phase: Operational assessment, performance assessment. 

+ Operational assessment is the evaluation and inspection to ensure all equipment and auxiliary of the cleanroom are in a normal state of operation. At the end of the operation assessment, the “Operation Assessment Dossier” is saved.

+ Performance assessment is the measurement of the environmental parameters of the cleanroom (urination, temperature, humidity, pressure difference, microbiological …) ensuring within the permissible limits. The results of the evaluation will be recorded in the “Performance Assessment Profile”


Common performance rating parameters

One of the most important evaluation stages is the cleanroom performance assessment. At this stage, cleanroom performance indicators will be determined, measured and evaluated for results obtained. Common indicators include: 

Các thông số đánh giá hiệu năng phòng sạch phổ biến

Common CleanRoom Performance Rating Parameters

During use, the changing cleanroom parameters no longer meet the original requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct periodic checks of these parameters. At each test, the performance assessment records are stored. 


GMP Groups - Prestigious CleanRoom Assessment and Appraisal Unit

With a team of long experience in cleanrooms in different fields, understanding the nature of clean rooms, GMP Groups ensures to help customers evaluate and appraise clean rooms accurately and fully with the following benefits: 

– Guidelines for the development and implementation of the outline of the cleanroom assessment report include: 

+ Outline and design assessment report (DQ) 

+ Outline and Installation Assessment Report (IQ) 

+ Outline and Operational Assessment Report (OQ)

– Guidelines for building and implementing cleanroom assessment criteria include: 

+ Air stool count 

+ Microbiological limit test 

+ Monitor temperature, humidity rating 

+ Check room pressure difference, HEPA filter pressure difference 

+ Check the frequency of air exchange 

+ Hepa Filter Leak Test 

+ Other tests such as: air flow model test, recovery time test, noise measurement, light intensity…

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