Besides investing in industrial parks, investment outside the industrial park is also the type of interest to many investors. In the article below, GMP Groups will provide the process and way of investing projects outside the industrial park in the most detailed way.


Project investment process outside the industrial park

The process of investment in projects outside the industrial park is divided into 8 main steps. Here’s a look at the steps the investor needs to take.

Step 1: Prepare to invest.

This preparation process consists of two procedures:

– Business registration

– Research investment locations

See details of the process of preparing investment projects outside the industrial park at:

Step 2: Apply for investment policy decision

From the investment research, the investor shall propose the project and carry out the procedure for applying for the investment registration certificate (investment policy decision) to form a legal entity and confirm his investment activities.

See details of the order and application for investment policy at: ….

Step 3: Land allocation – lease

In order to be granted land for the implementation of the project, the investor needs to go through the process of registration of the introduction of investment locations, agreement on location, handover of premises and issuance of land use right certificates.

– Registration for introduction of investment locations 

– Investment location agreement

– Handing over the premises

– Issuance of certificates of QSDD

Detailed land allocation and lease process at:…

Step 4: Approve the total premises

The approval of the total area of the project is an important factor for assessing the terrain before the project is implemented.

– Selection of consulting contractors – firefighting design

– Survey of the status quo

– Making – Approving the total premises (planning)

Guidance on procedures and order of implementation of approval of total premises (planning) at:

Step 5: Design – Review the basic design

The investor implements the design in the following stages:

– Preparation – Approval of environmental impact assessment report – EIA

– Preparation – Approval of firefighting design

– Preparation – Approval of the basic design

– Making – Approval of technical design and estimatation

The sequence of detailed steps can be implemented at: ….

Step 6: Apply for a building permit

The process of applying for a construction permit includes the procedure:

– Apply for a construction permit

– Completion of infrastructure connection procedures

Steps taken, application for construction permits please see details at: 

Step 7: Construction and installation

The construction process usually goes through two stages:

– Bidding 

– Organizing the implementation of construction and installation of works

The construction must comply with the approved ground planning and technical design. Detailed construction and installation process at: 

Step 8: Acceptance test completed and put into use

This is the final stage to review, inspect and re-evaluate the entire project before officially operating.

– Acceptance test completed

– Completed 

– Firefighting acceptance – Put the works into use

– The assignment of property on the land

Detailed contents of the acceptance work to complete the work put into use here.


GMP Groups - Consulting unit for planning investment projects outside industrial zones

Through the above article, it is hoped that businesses can better understand the type of investment outside the industrial park to have the best research and preparation for investment.

On the basis of extensive and synchronous expertise, we are committed to bringing customers the best investment project planning and planning consulting services in industrial parks and outside industrial parks. At GMP Groups, we provide an overall solution in the field of cleanroom. In particular, consulting on investment project planning and planning is the first step in a series of 9 overall solutions that we provide to customers. Our services include:

1. Consulting on investment project planning and planning

2. Clean room design 

3. Cleanroom construction

4. Appraisal and evaluation of cleanrooms 

5. Calibrating and testing equipment

6. Consultancy on declaration of eligibility for medical equipment production

7. Consulting on pharmaceutical – cosmetic – food preparation technology to protect health

8. Warehouse equipment consulting, testing and electromechanical.

9. GxP &ISO Standard Consultancy

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