CleanRoom Module

What is a Clean Room Module?

It is a clean room designed and built into modules at the factory. The installation work at the site is just to assemble the modules at the installation site.

These modules have the following characteristics:

– Designed flexibly and scalable, easy to transport. 

– Carefully controlled to provide a sophisticated and modern system. Often used in electronic manufacturing cleanrooms or scientific research laboratories. By reducing the level of environmental pollution of dust, bacteria, aerosol particles and chemical vapors,… in the air causes and also to provide an environment that controls physical parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure.

Cleanrooms are classified as clean through testing that counts the number of particles per cubic meter of gas at a particle size determined by international standards.

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Advantages of CleanRoom Module

– It is possible to make a clean room with an area of several square meters to hundreds of square meters and clean rooms can be installed for the whole renovation works. Modular cleanroom designs are clean rooms that can be expanded and relocated. So you can develop or expand your production area or cleanroom as demand increases.

– Is a solution to design and build cleanrooms that excel in providing turnkey cleanroom service, providing from the original idea to the final certification for each cleanroom building. The development of assembly operating room services helps us achieve superior quality results compared to products in the field of cleanroom.

– Flexibility: The modular design ensures easy installation, disassembly and rapid relocation. Meet the different requirements for clean level certification from ISO 5 to ISO 8 or Class 100,000 to Class 100.

– Installation costs: Save costs and reduce construction time.

– Reinsteating or construction: Provide a fast, flexible, scalable option in the future or upgrade clean-level certification or even relocate cleanrooms in a reasonable and economical way.


In production or research, creating a controlled environment of pollution levels, temperature, humidity and pressure is essential. CleanRoom Module applied for: Pharmaceutical CleanRoom, Operating Room, Microbiology Laboratory, Scientific Laboratory for Medical equipment and Biotechnology Manufacturing, Semiconductor Manufacturing CleanRoom and Aviation Industry, Food Cleanroom and many other cleanroom applications, where manufacturing or testing processes require tested environmental conditions Control to protect people and products.

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