Lab Equipment

What is lab equipment?

Lab equipment is a device that cannot be used during an experiment. They have a variety of uses such as solution storage, temperature measurement, specimen weighing, measurement, quality quantation or more complex uses such as protecting laboratory personnel. In addition, due to exposure to many chemicals, including toxic ones, laboratory instruments are often made from high-strength materials and must undergo rigorous quality testing.


Phòng Lab dược phẩm

Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Some common lab equipment groups

– Group of weight weighing equipment: scale analysis 4 odd numbers, multifunctional analysis scales, technical scales, traditional scales, …

Cân kỹ thuật dùng trong phòng thí nghiệm

Technical scales used in the laboratory

– Heat research support equipment: micro-climate cabinets, pipe furnaces, vacuum cookers, drying cabinets, …

– High-end measuring instruments: standard measuring instruments, density measurement, conductivity measurement, pH determination machine, ISE, DO, determination of mixed concentration, salinity, …

Máy đo độ hòa tan và bộ hút mẫu tự động

Automatic solubility and sample suction machine

– Particle size adjusters: sieve sieve, fast dryer, sample spliter, mixer, press, …

– Types of crushers

– Spectrophotometer: seetral spectrometer, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, UV-Vis micro-volume, …

Máy đo quang phổ UV-Vis DS5

UV-Vis DS5 Spectrometer

– Some other experimental equipment such as water filtration system, test tube, glass cup, straw, sterilization equipment, …

Bộ dụng cụ dùng trong phòng thí nghiệm

Laboratory kits

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