Transmission cabinet

What is a transmission cabinet?

Passbox is an indispensable device for cleanroom systems, it is used to transfer items, goods, semi-finished products and finished products between rooms in clean environment and between clean environment and external environment to limit cross-contamination to clean rooms.

In addition, it is also called with many other names such as: Clean Room Delivery Box, Clean Room Delivery Cabinet, Clean Room Delivery Box, Clean Room Delivery Door, Clean Room Delivery Room, Sample Transfer Box, …

Transmission cabinet classification 

There are two types of transmission cabinets: Static passbox and Dynamic passbox.

Static pass box is the basic type of cabinet, used to transfer items between two rooms with the same level of cleanliness. Cabinets are usually equipped with interlocking locks and sterilized UV lamps.

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Dynamic passbox is equipped with a wind blowing system to clean the dirt for goods, so dynamic passbox is also called self-cleaning transmission cabinets.

Dynamic passbox

Transmission cabinet structure

The basic structure includes:

1.Box body, 2. Door, 3. Tempered glass, 4. Power outlet, 5. Control switch, 6. Uv bactericidal lamps and interlocks inside the box.

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In addition, with self-cleaning transmission cabinets, there are also cleaning parts and pressure gauges as shown.

Operating principles

With transmission cabinets using inter-motor locks: 2 doors are connected to each other by mechanical mechanism so that when one door is opened, the other door cannot be opened. 

With transmission cabinets using electronic interlocks: The circuit integrated inside will control so that 2 passbox doors are not opened simultaneously. When one door is open, the warning light of the other door does not light, the door can not open. When the door is closed, the lights will light up.

When using it is necessary to leave the goods in the cabinet for about 15 minutes to disinfect before removing.

Notes when using 

Do not open two doors at the same time. Open the outside door to bring the material in and close, then open the inside door to bring the material into the clean room. The opposite process is the same when bringing objects out of a clean room.

After daily use, it is required to clean the inside and outside of the passbox with disinfectant.

– The operating time of UV lights is about 4000 hours, it is necessary to pay attention instead to ensure the operation of the passbox.

When not in use, make sure both doors of the passbox are closed.

Do not look directly at the UV light when it is on, do not let the light come into contact with the skin.


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