What is a food cleanroom? Standard of food cleanroom


Food production is an industry where the safety, quality and preservation of products is paramount. Therefore, more and more factories and food factories are focusing on building cleanroom systems to meet the standard production environment for their products.

So what is a clean food room? What standards do food factories need to meet when building clean rooms? GMP Groups will answer the above questions through the following article.

What is a food cleanroom?

Food cleanrooms are applied in the field of food production. Thanks to cleanrooms, foods are produced in sterile environments; according to the best production and preservation standards. From there, food products limit the likelihood of contamination; extend the shelf life and increase the efficiency of use.

More and more food industries are now adopting cleanrooms. Specifically, meat and dairy production facilities; Food processing should be gluten- and lactose-free.  

Why do food factories need clean rooms?

One of the conditions for the facility to be allowed to produce food is that the facility must have a certificate of food safety eligibility. Except for some exceptions specified in Decree No. 15/2018/ND-CP. Enterprises must determine which food they want to produce under the management of which ministries to comply with the specific production conditions of such products specified in the food safety law and related circular decrees.

Currently in the Law on Food Safety 2010 as well as in relevant decrees and circulars on conditions for ensuring food safety, there are no mandatory regulations on the requirements for building clean rooms in the food production process.

With the development of society, food safety and quality are the top concerns of people. This requires businesses to improve their facilities; machinery lines, technology, factories to improve food quality. Especially in the period of processed-packaged foods; Fast food is as fast as it is today. In particular, the application of “cleanroom” is becoming increasingly popular and is an indispensable method in ensuring food safety and quality, as well as the requirements of international markets when conducting exports.

Benefits of cleanrooms in food factories

Foods that apply “cleanroom” in popular production include processed foods, fast food, milk, confectionery such as cotton cakes …

Cleanroom applications in food production will help control the quality and safety of products created by:

– Create clean, enclosed spaces. In which the number of urination and microbiganisms is controlled; avoid infecting the product beyond the permissible level. 

– Control temperature and humidity within the required limits; in accordance with the quality characteristics of the product; at the same time limit the growth of microorganisms.

– The pressure in the room is maintained and there are differences suitable for other production rooms. Therefore, minimize cross-contamination between different stages of production.

– The frequency of air exchange in the room is maintained to an appropriate level. The new airflow enters the room, pushing and taking up the old airflow, causing the room to be constantly cleaned.

Phòng sạch sản xuất thực phẩm

Clean room for food production

Requirements, standards of food cleanroom

In order to be granted a production eligibility license, the food factory needs to meet the strict criteria of facilities, personnel and quality management system of the cleanroom.

Clean levels 

The cleanliness of the cleanroom in food production depends on the nature of the product and the quality objectives of the manufacturer in which the iso 8 clean levels (corresponding to class 100,000 according to FS 209E) and ISO class 7 (corresponding to class 10,000 according to FS 209E) (according to the clean grade classification in ISO 14644-1:2015) are most commonly used in the sea.

Design and construction principles

In order to control environmental factors well, cleanrooms must adhere to the following principles: Besides controlling environmental factors, the cleanroom must also be built in principle so that it is not itself an infectious agent for the manufactured product. The principles are:

Design and layout

Clean rooms must be designed and arranged so that production is carried out in successive areas in a reasonable order corresponding to the order of production activities.

Working area

During the production process, there must be enough area to arrange machinery and materials in order and reasonable. It is necessary to minimize the risk of confusion between products or components of the product. Avoid cross-contamination, minimize the risk of omissions or misalisnment of any production steps, inspections.

Contact surface

The surface of the clean room where direct contact with the open product must be smooth, without cracks, open joints. The surface must not be the source of accumulation and feces. They must allow for easy and effective cleaning of disinfection.

Difficult area to clean

Ducts, light troughs, ventilation points and other services must be designed and installed so as to avoid creating difficult niches for cleaning. At the same time, it is required to carry out maintenance and access to these services from outside the production area.


The drainage lines must be large enough, designed and equipped to avoid reflux. If possible, avoid open drainage. In case the open exit is necessary, it is recommended to build a farm for easy cleaning and disinfection.


Cleanrooms must be well ventilated, have air control equipment (including air filtration equipment at sufficient levels to prevent contamination and cross-contamination as well as temperature control, and humidity if necessary) in accordance with the products being processed, in accordance with the operation performed and with the external environment.

GMP Groups – Unit of designing and constructing a clean food clean room

To ensure quality, clean rooms must be focused from the selection of locations and construction locations. Next is the design and construction phase. Finally, monitoring and due diligence. The market currently has many units constructing pharmaceutical cleanrooms, but most units are only capable of providing one of the stages of cleanroom construction, which makes businesses take longer and more time and costs.

GMP Groups Services

GMP is proud to be the construction unit, designing a clean food clean room, capable of bringing the most comprehensive and synchronous service. Comprise:

– Consulting services, clean room design 

– Cleanroom construction services 

– Cleanroom assessment and appraisal services 

GMP Groups - Đơn vị thiết kế, thi công phòng sạch thực phẩm uy tín

GMP Groups – Prestigious food cleanroom design and construction unit

The reason to choose GMP Groups as the construction unit, designing food cleanroom

GMP Groups is trusted by investors as a pharmaceutical cleanroom service provider by:

3D design system and VR-360 technology is a technological breakthrough of GMP Groups. This technology allows customers to experience the most vivid factory space and clean room right from the design stage.

– Experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated staff. GMP Groups’ employees are pharmacists and engineers who have been operating for 5-15 years in pharmaceutical companies.

GMP Groups understands the production technology of each dosage form. From there, we will provide our customers with the most effective and suitable design solution.

– We understand the requirements of cleanroom, clean supply, machinery and equipment- people in each stage of production. We can calculate for customers the requirements of area, air treatment system suitable, economical, most efficient.

With the desire to bring a comprehensive service ecosystem related to the food sector, GMP Groups will be the perfect choice for any customer’s needs.

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