Interlock, interlocking horn

What is a interlock, what is a continuous whistle?

An interlock is a special type of lock that controls the entry and exit of two or more doors at the same time. In which the state of one door is left to the other to prevent cross-contamination between areas in a clean room and between a clean room and a clean room.

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Interlocking whistles are a form of interlock. But there is only a siren warning, there is no control over the entrance and exit of the doors.

Advantages of interlock, interlocking horn.

The interlock controls the closing/opening of the doors at the same time.

For example, when door 1 (airlock door and unclean area) opens, door 2 (airlock door and cleanroom area) is forcibly closed. Once one of the doors is open, the other must be closed.

It is understandable that we cannot open two doors of an area at the same time when those two doors pass through to different clean-level areas. Therefore, dust and bacteria from areas with lower levels of cleanliness cannot spill to areas with higher levels of cleanliness.

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                 Interlock Door Interlock

Application of interlock.

For airlocks of rooms with strict control over environmental conditions (dust concentration, temperature, humidity).

Or used for airlocks of the main production rooms (boiling floor drying, blistering, soft capsule drying, soft capsule closure,….)


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