Construction of clean room meeting GMP standards in Hai Duong


GMP Groups specializes in designing and constructing clean rooms meeting GMP standards in Hai Duong and many provinces and cities nationwide. After many years of development and bringing satisfaction to 99% of customers.

1. Application of clean room in Hai Duong

Over 18 years of construction and development, Hai Duong province has had 14 industrial parks (IP) established. According to the orientation of the development planning for industrial parks in the period of 2021-2025, the vision to 2050, Hai Duong province has more than 30 industrial parks with a total industrial land area of about 10,000ha widely distributed throughout the province.

Hai Duong will serve as a focal point for socio-economic exchange between the Red River Delta, hanoi capital region, the northern key economic region and the Northeast, the Northern Coast and the whole country.

In the past 5 years (2015 – 2020), the value of industrial production of Hai Duong province increased by an average of 15.4% per year. Total FDI investment in the whole period reached about 4.3 billion USD, ranking 4th in the Red River Delta and 11th in the country.

The strong development of the industry leads to the development of the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, electronics … Requires the need for the construction of industrial cleanrooms to ensure production standards.

2. The role of cleanrooms for Marine businesses

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For products that need to be ensured a safe production environment for consumers, building a clean room is one of the mandatory factors. Along with that is the birth of many reputable cleanroom contractors. Cleanroom plays a very important role in many fields such as society: health, science and material engineering, electronic components, physics, chemistry, biology, preservation technology, pharmaceuticals … Specifically:

In the electronics industry in Hai Duong

In the manufacture of electronic devices, especially in the semiconductor, chip, microchip, etc. needing safety accuracy, just a small particulate of dust falling in will damage the production process.  Therefore, the presence of clean rooms is essential to ensure that strict standards such as absolute dust resistance, stable environmental temperature and electrostatic resistance help effectively in the production and assembly of cleanroom equipment, electrical equipment, sophisticated electronic components. Therefore, clean rooms play a major role as one of the solutions that meet these strict standards.

In the manufacture of medical equipment

In the medical equipment factory, clean rooms play a very important role. Because of the clean, sterile environment will help the product not to become infected, ensuring safety for users.

In the food processing industry

With the diverse needs of today’s users, the requirement that food is brought to the market must ensure fresh and clean criteria, so the contribution of cleanroom is one of the factors being applied by the food processing sector. Especially perishable foods such as confectionery, milk, soft drinks,… Ensuring a clean environment that ensures no bacteria cause dangerously contaminated food is a necessity and important thing.

In the pharmaceutical industry

When producing medicines and medical equipment, the top job is to protect these products from bacteria, harmful agents, ensure the best quality of medicines and medical equipment, avoid the maximum cases of complications, dangerous for patients because of infection problems when used. Therefore, the application of the role of cleanroom to health is a condition that cannot be ignored. Minimize the potential dangers of exposure to hazardous environments.

3. GMP-standard cleanroom design and construction services in Hai Duong

GMP Groups provides services for designing and constructing clean rooms in Hai Duong with a variety of industries and fields

– Designing and constructing gmp-standard pharmaceutical cleanrooms in Hai Duong

– Designing and constructing food cleanrooms meeting GMP standards in Hai Duong

– Designing and constructing cleanrooms of cosmetics meeting GMP standards in Hai Duong

– Designing and constructing a clean room for veterinary medicine meeting GMP standards in Hai Duong

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4. GMP-standard cleanroom design and construction process in Hai Duong

Step 1: Receive full information about construction area, investment budget and production product information…

Step 2: General consultation from the factory diagram; zoning of clean levels; select appropriate technology and equipment for the level of cleanroom; How to analyze the data in the design table to come up with the options that best suit the wishes and actual situation of the business.

Step 3: After the two sides have agreed, GMP Groups will conduct a drawing design based on the structure, area, level of air circulation, pressure in accordance with GMP standards.

Step 4: Protect and optimize the design before the two sides come to an agreed use of the design to put into construction.

Step 5: Carry out the installation of cleanroom system in accordance with the schedule and quality set out.

Step 6: Complete, test the system, guide enterprises to manage and operate the factory in accordance with GMP standards.

Step 7: Support operation, warranty, maintenance

5. Address of GMP standard cleanroom design and construction company in Hai Duong prestigious and professional

There are many companies on the market designing and constructing clean rooms. However, finding the right unit to design and construct clean rooms in Hai Duong prestigious and professional is not much and not simple. Because you don’t know the full scale, capacity or experience of those companies.

Nhà thầu thi công phòng sạch uy tín

GMP Groups is proud to be a comprehensive provider of cleanroom solutions:

+ Cleanroom design consultancy

+ Cleanroom construction

+ Assessment and appraisal of cleanrooms

+ Calibrate and inspect equipment

+ Operation, warranty, maintenance of cleanrooms

+ Consultancy to announce eligibility for medical equipment production

+ Preparation technology consultancy

+ Equipment consultancy: production & testing.

Not only that, what we are always proud of is that we have a good, professional staff, diverse creativity, high professional work responsibilities and a large-scale factory system.