Consultancy on declaration of eligibility for medical equipment production

Medical equipment (TTBYT) is a special, essential item, present in every hospital and medical facility. In the context of the strong covid epidemic, businesses turned to manufacturing medical equipment partly to meet domestic supply, another part to be able to overcome difficult times during the epidemic. Accompanying businesses operating in medical equipment, GMP Groups sends customers the content of advice to announce the eligibility to produce medical equipment in the country.

Cleanroom other areas

In addition to designing and constructing cleanrooms in key areas such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, veterinary and electronic, GMP Groups also provides an overall solution for cleanrooms in commonly applied fields such as:
Cleanrooms in the hospital sector
Cleanroom in the agricultural sector
Cleanroom in the field of research science

Veterinary Medicine CleanRoom

Depending on the nature of the product (sterile or non-sterile), the stages of production / treatment, environmental control requirements of the manufacturer that provide clean suitable for the veterinary cleanroom will be selected. Join GMP Groups to learn about cleanroom lines and clean levels in veterinary medicine factories in the article below.

Food clean room

The clean grade used in food processing depends on the nature of the product and the environmental control requirements from the manufacturer. Clean grade is classified under ISO 14644-1:2015. Join GMP Groups to learn about cleanroom lines and clean levels in the food factory in the article below.

Clean room design

Among the many contractors designing cleanrooms on the market today, GMP Groups is a brand that many investors trust. The cleanroom design at GMP Groups consists of two main contents: Technology Section and System Section.

Cleanroom construction

Cleanroom construction is one of the outstanding strengths of GMP Groups in the overall suite of cleanroom solutions that we provide. We provide a full range of construction items, bringing the highest benefit to customers.