Pharmaceutical and cosmetic research consultancy services


In order to improve competitiveness and meet the demand for products of reasonable quality and price, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health food enterprises need to pay attention to the research and preparation of products in a professional and methodical way. The article below will provide full information about GMP Groups’ pharmaceutical – cosmetic – health food research services. 

The role of researching pharmaceutical preparations – cosmetics – health-protecting foods?

When entering a business in a certain field, the product is always the most important factor; It is a vital factor to determine the development of a company or business. Good products help companies and businesses bring high profits; have a reputation-brand for customers. In the process of competitive business, good products that meet the needs and tastes of the market will help enterprise companies rise, knocking out other competitors to dominate the market.

No exception with the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food sectors, creating good new products of quality or improving old products to increasingly meet the market demand is always the goal of all businesses especially in the competitive business market as today.

So how to improve old products, create new forms of pharmaceutical – cosmetic – food preparations?

To improve your products or create new ones, there’s no other way you have to research and dig into them.

Pharmaceutical-cosmetic-food health products are products that are used regularly by humans, the number of products in which the products are the same, similar a lot so to create a product with the advantage, more prominent, the role of product research is more important than ever.

Recognizing that, pharmaceutical-cosmetic-food companies are now investing more and more in product research and preparation. The research and development department specialized in the research and preparation of products has always been of special interest from senior management.

GMP Groups Research – Pharmaceutical Preparation – Cosmetics – Food Services of GMP Groups

Researching and formulating new products is vital for businesses but research-preparation is not a business activity. It does not bring immediate profit; They even spent a lot of money; Sometimes it doesn’t even get the desired results. In order to be effective, minimize financial risks as well as time, the investment in research and preparation must be correct and sufficient; People are the first factor.

GMP Groups with a team of experts with deep knowledge of pharmaceutical preparation – cosmetics – BVSK food; having years of combat experience at BVSK pharmaceutical-cosmetic-food companies will provide customers with a full and comprehensive research-preparation consultancy service including:

Consultancy on formulation and production process

With extensive experience, understanding the process, production technology, understanding the active ingredients – excipients – additives, GMP Groups will provide product formulations, the most suitable ingredients according to customer requirements. Make sure there is no reciprocal reaction, providing customers with know-how, experience when processing that product formula.

After formulating the product formula, GMP will provide customers with a detailed production process, clearly describing the order of preparation, mixing the ingredients in the formula to avoid possible compatibility.

Các dạng bào chế dược phẩm

Pharmaceutical dosage forms

Standard formulation and evaluation

Registration documents for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or health-protective foods must always have product technical standards. GMP group will develop technical standards, testing methods including appraisal instructions for customers.

Product packaging label-template design

Label template design is an integral part of conducting product preparation research. Label form is part of the product registration dossier, a way for state agencies to manage products, as well as a way for companies-enterprises to promote products to customers.

GMP Groups’ professional team will help customers design samples and labels for product packaging, build content for the manual to ensure beautiful, attractive and complete information according to customer requirements, comply with relevant statutory guidelines.

Product registration/disclosure

In order for the product to be circulated on the market, the products must be built registration/publication dossiers, after which these registration/publication dossiers will be submitted at the receiving state agency for inspection, review and issuance of circulation registration numbers.

After supporting customers to complete the registration/publication dossier, GMP Groups will help customers submit to the state receiving agency, monitor during the reception process so that customers can get the registration number / product announcement as quickly as possible.

Optimize production process, factory operation process

With a team of experienced personnel for many years in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health food companies, when putting products into production GMP Groups will help customers optimize the actual production process from the step of choosing machinery and equipment to how to operate the factory to ensure savings, product efficiency and quality.

The operation of the plant when conducting actual production includes a lot of factors ranging from system operation, machinery and equipment to human activities and GMP processes. All of these factors GMP will help, guide customers to control and come up with the optimal way.

Troubleshooting during factory operation

Problems in the production process are inevitable and can occur at any time.

Water, compressed air in the production process may exceed the allowed microbial value, AHU system may have problems during operation, machinery-products may have errors in the production process such as reaching the desired moisture function or failing to stamp out pellets … all of these factors GMP Groups will help, handle for customers in accordance with GMP principles and guidelines.

Product stability assessment

Product stability assessment is an important job in the process of product research and preparation. Stability assessment helps ensure quality and determines the life of the product. Stability assessment is an important part of drug registration records, which are reviewed and examined by state agencies before issuing circulation numbers.

During the production process, stability assessment continues to be carried out under a certain program to promptly detect unwanted changes of the product to ensure quality to the user. This is also specifically mentioned in the GMP good practice guidelines.

Recognizing the importance of stability assessment in research and preparation as well as in the production process, GMP Groups will help you develop a clear stability assessment program, specify the tests performed, guide how to build the outline and report on stability research, ensure compliance with GMP standards and relevant guidance circulars.

Các dạng bào chế mỹ phẩm

Cosmetic dosage forms

Advantages of GMP Groups in research – pharmaceutical preparation – cosmetics – health-protecting foods

GMP Groups wishes to bring customers a comprehensive solution in the field of product research and preparation. We guarantee to provide our customers with the best services with the following advantages:

+ Professional team with depth of knowledge and experience in product forms

Comprehensive advice from A-Z

Always accompanying customers.

Besides, GMP Groups also provides services for designing, consulting, constructing cleanrooms and services to provide pharmaceutical-cosmetic-food machinery and health protection. These are related services and mutual support, customers will be taken care of comprehensively when coming to GMP Groups.

For the fastest support for product research and preparation services as well as packaged cleanroom solutions, contact GMP Groups immediately.

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