Tư vấn hệ thống quản lý chất lượng cho nhà máy sản xuất khẩu trang y tế
Tư vấn hệ thống quản lý chất lượng cho nhà máy sản xuất khẩu trang y tế
Dự án phòng sạch sản xuất khẩu trang y tế Công ty Best Pacific Việt Nam
Tư vấn hệ thống quản lý chất lượng cho nhà máy sản xuất khẩu trang y tế
Tư vấn hệ thống quản lý chất lượng cho nhà máy sản xuất khẩu trang y tế
Dự án phòng sạch sản xuất khẩu trang y tế Công ty Best Pacific Việt Nam

Thông tin dự án

Project name Medical mask factory reaches ISO 8 level
Investor Best Pacific Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Location Lot No. IN4.1.1, Cam Dien Industrial Park – Luong Dien, X. Luong Dien,
H. Jin giàng, Hai Duong
Scale Nhà xưởng: 800 m2
Performing items Design consultancy & construction of cleanroom panel system
Progress August 2020 (completed)

Project context

In the context of the Covid-19 outbreak at the end of 2019, the textile and garment industry has faced many difficulties. In February 2020, when the epidemic broke out in China, Vietnamese textile and garment enterprises cut off the supply of raw materials, mainly fabrics from China. In this context, the production of masks becomes a solution for textile enterprises to maintain production, reduce losses, and contribute to providing more supplies to the health sector.

Best Pacific Vietnam Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Best Pacific Group, is one of the world’s leading enterprises in the field of lingerie fabric manufacturing, providing prestigious brands such as Aimer, Chantelle, Embry Form, Adidas, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Triump… In July 2020, Best Pacific Vietnam built a factory to produce medical masks.

Our GMP Groups is involved in the category: Supplying supplies and installing panel systems for Best Pacific’s medical mask factory.

Best Pacific is a major partner with more than 300 experts in the quality control team with strict quality control measures applied in each stage of the production process according to international standards. Therefore, this project requires a highly specialized consulting unit and construction design experience such as GMP Groups to be able to ensure international standards.

Process of implementation of cleanroom project for medical equipment production

The process of implementing the construction of the cleanroom for medical equipment production goes through the following main stages: 

Consulting phase

After receiving project information, GMP Groups conducted a field survey and held many meetings with the Investor, thereby offering advice on options: 

– Consulting on the appropriate design of medical mask production line

– Choose the right supplies and equipment for building a clean room meeting ISO 8 with the lowest cost.

– Consulting production equipment, optimal testing equipment.

Design phase

From the results of the survey of the current status of the project, contact with investors to accurately calculate the needs and costs of use, GMP Groups has come up with a safe design plan, suitable for the construction of iso 8 production workshops and optimal technical plans on both technical and economic perspectives.

In particular, GMP Groups uses technological breakthroughs in design such as VR360 technology to help investors visit the whole project visually even without construction, timelapse technology helps investors monitor the progress of the project in the most effective way.

Construction phase

Thanks to a team of professional engineers and skilled workers, GMP Groups has carried out the process of consulting the design and construction of cleanroom panel system. Each item ensures the criteria of quality, safe operation, savings and efficiency.

Maintenance and maintenance phase

After handing over the works, GMP Groups continues to support Best Pacific warranty and maintenance whenever there are technical problems.

With the outstanding advantages that have been proven through reality, GMP Groups’ design and construction services have been affirmed, GMP Groups brand is increasingly chosen by investors.

Regardless of the different field and scale, the solutions for designing and constructing clean rooms are carefully implemented by GMP Groups engineers and architects, the most suitable, meeting the right and best according to the requirements of each investor.

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For more information on CONSULTING – DESIGN – CONSTRUCTION OF CLEANROOM, please contact:

GMP Groups Joint Stock Company

Head office: No 273 Hoa Ban, Ecoriver Eco-Investor, Hai Tan Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province

Hotline: 0945.255.457 – Email: info@gmpgroups.com.vn – Web: gmpgroups.com.vn

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