The stage of applying for project investment policy in an industrial park 

In the period of preparing to implement investment projects in industrial parks, the procedure for applying for approval of investment policies is having many obstacles for investors in carrying out procedures for competent state agencies. GMP Groups – a unit with many years of experience in the field of investment consultancy, with a team of […]

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Production process of medicinal products

According to the World Health Organization in a 2016 study, about 84% of the world’s population uses medicinal drugs. Especially in Eastern countries including Vietnam, pharmaceuticals and medicinal products have become an important part of the field of medicine and pharmacy. Medicinal herbs are derived from many different ingredients in nature such as from eastern […]

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List of establishments designated for testing for state management of food safety

The Department of Food Safety – Ministry of Health has just published a list of establishments designated for testing for state management of food safety. According to the Food Safety Administration, food testing aims to determine food products that are safe for users. For example, food does not contain pathogenic microorganisms, toxic chemicals, additives that […]

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TRS 961 (2011) – Appendix 6 – WHO GMP for sterile pharmaceuticals

In the process of implementing the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Good Drug Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines within the framework of the WHO Pre-Evaluation Program, a number of changes have been proposed and implemented. For ease of follow-up, this full guide has been republished as an appendix to the latest report by the WHO Expert Council […]

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List of domestic facilities meeting GLP 2021 standards

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) or “Good Laboratory Practice” is a set of principles and standards for quality management systems related to the organization process and conditions for conducting non-clinical research in pharmaceutical activities for human health and environmental safety planned, implementation, monitoring, recording, storage and reporting. GLP is applied in many different fields of testing […]

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Classification of survival and assessment of compliance with good practice of drug preservation

Contents enclosed with Circular No. 36/2018/TT-BYT dated November 22, 2018 of the Minister of Health 1 Classification of survival levels2 GSP compliance assessment Classification of survival levels 1. Serious existence: are deviations from GSP standards leading to drugs; drug ingredients that do not guarantee quality, safety, effectiveness and pose a serious risk to the health […]

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Construction of clean room meeting GMP standards in Hai Duong

GMP Groups specializes in designing and constructing clean rooms meeting GMP standards in Hai Duong and many provinces and cities nationwide. After many years of development and bringing satisfaction to 99% of customers. 1 1. Application of clean room in Hai Duong2 2. The role of cleanrooms for Marine businesses2.1 In the electronics industry in […]

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Stage of preparing project investment in industrial parks

The first point of note when investors choose to invest in a project in an industrial park is to prepare a full legal dossier.  As a general rule, the investment procedures in the industrial park are the same. However, in some specific areas with specific development orientations, industrial parks may require investors to provide more […]

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