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In order to maximize product productivity, improve quality control and ensure safety, many factories and factories are looking to design and install cleanroom systems. Among the many contractors designing cleanrooms on the market today, GMP Groups is a brand that many investors trust. The article below will introduce GMP Groups’ standard clean room design service

The need for cleanroom design in manufacturing plants

Cleanrooms are widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing; cosmetics; electronic; Medical and life sciences equipment. In a cleanroom environment, parameters such as urinary concentration; temperature, humidity; pressure, limit of microorganisms,… Controlled and restricted. Cleanroom is a mandatory requirement for factories and factories to ensure the production process meets the standards and products of the best quality.

In the face of the strict requirements of appraisal standards, each factory and factory wants to come into operation, first of all, it is necessary to ensure that there is a clean room system designed accurately, safely and up to standard.

Clean room design is the basis for the construction and installation of a standard cleanroom system; At the same time, the investor can calculate the cost of the project.

Dịch vụ thiết kế phòng sạch

GMP Groups CleanRoom Design Service

GMP Groups’ CleanRoom Design Capability

With many years of experience in the field of cleanroom design and construction, GMP Groups is confident of having enough capacity to take on the role of qualified clean room design contractor. Here are the factors that make GMP be trusted by many investors:

Diverse field and package solutions

With its experience, GMP Groups has the ability to carry out design consultancy; Cleanroom construction meets standards in many different fields, such as:

Pharmaceutical cleanrooms, health-protecting foods

Cosmetic CleanRoom

Food clean room

Electronic CleanRoom

Veterinary CleanRoom

Hospital cleanrooms, agriculture, science,…

Not only designing clean rooms, GMP Groups is also one of the few contractors capable of providing a package solution, turnkey in the field of cleanroom. The set of solutions we offer includes:

– Consulting on the preparation and planning of investment projects and cleanroom projects

– Cleanroom design consultancy

– Cleanroom construction

– Appraisal and evaluation of cleanrooms

– Consulting quality management system in clean room

– Research consultancy for product preparation 

– Consulting on production equipment, testing, warehouse and electromechanical.

With a diverse field and overall solutions, GMP Groups is confident to be able to take on the whole project from the time of ideation until completion. The investor will not need to look for other specialized contractors.

Experienced design team

The competence of the design team is one of the important factors determining the quality of the design. GMP Groups’ design team are project managers; electromechanical engineer, MEP engineer; With many years of experience in the field of clean room design. We have a deep understanding of expertise and the ability to implement designs close to reality, bringing long-term, sustainable benefits to customers. From there, we bring an overall picture of the project and clear cost estimates to the investor.

Ensure quality standards

The ultimate goal of cleanroom design is to help the construction of standard cleanroom systems. Since then, the factory and factory have passed the appraisal process and successfully put into operation.

It is a gathering place for experts in quality management systems; GMP Groups ensures the design meets the standards for each type of cleanroom. Moreover, we are capable of meeting strict standards of our partners’ products in the European and AMERICAN markets, creating a premise for investors when orienting their business in these markets. 

Technology breakthrough application

This is one of the differences between GMP Groups and contractors in the same field. With the motto “maximizing value and benefits for customers”, GMP Groups has invested in modern and advanced technologies in the world today to serve the design to bring the highest efficiency.

GMP Groups is proud to be the first cleanroom contractor in Vietnam to be applying virtual reality technology in cleanroom design. With this technology, we have launched virtual reality tours at mep systems, clean rooms of projects even before construction.

See details of virtual reality models of BVSK food production plant meeting GMP HS standards at: FDA High-Tech Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company Project

GMP Groups CleanRoom Design Process

When taking over a cleanroom project, GMP Groups always adheres to a strict and mandatory process. This helps customers and GMP Groups to have consistency in ideas, as well as ensure the design is of the highest quality.

Quy trình thiết kế phòng sạch của GMP Groups

GMP Groups CleanRoom Design Process

Step 1: Design the base

This is the stage where non-fixed drawings will set the stage for further design ideas. GMP Groups will conduct the following procedures: 

– Design ideas 

– Technology ground design is the design of the premises of production lines such as: manufacturing soft capsules, pills, syrup …

– Equipment ground design is a 2D drawing of production equipment; full specifications of size, height. 

– The preliminary estimate is to give the concept to help the investor shape the budget for the project. 

– Detailed estimate is the calculation of detailed costs for each item made based on the preliminary estimate.  

Step 2: Technical Design

During this phase, we model ideas from the base design stage into the overall fixed dimensions of the project.

Technical design drawings will go into analyzing technology problems as required by the investor; There are changes accordingly. GMP Groups will coordinate and combine the space of the project, details and components inside the project; check the interaction between technical systems to give more accuracy to the estimated costs to the investor.

Step 3: Design construction techniques

The product of this stage is combining systems on 3D space models and detailed construction engineering design drawings.

GMP Groups re-marks important positions; avoid conflicting locations between systems in the project; store all instructional documents and instructions for completing the components in the project; overall assessment when coordinating all components in the project and processing and estimating.

Check out GMP Groups’ typical projects at: Cleanroom Design Project

Above is the content of clean room design services at GMP Groups. Customers wishing to DESIGN – CONSTRUCT CLEANROOMs please contact us at:

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