Consulting services for production equipment, testing, warehouse and electromechanical

Need for production equipment consultancy; Testing is increasingly common for pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories. Because during the appraisal process, the production equipment; Testing must meet GMP standards as a mandatory factor. In the following article, GMP Groups will introduce to readers the consulting service of production equipment and testing in accordance with GMP standards. GMP […]

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GxP & ISO Standard Consulting Services

One of the biggest concerns of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and medical devices industries. It’s the quality of your products. The GxP standard is a set of regulations and guidelines to solve this problem systematically and effectively. Join GMP Groups to learn more about the GxP standard in the article below. What is the GxP […]

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List of 43 facilities eligible for covid 19 vaccine import and preservation

The Department of Drug Administration – Ministry of Health published a list of 43 facilities eligible to import and preserve covid-19 vaccines.  A detailed list of customers please see: List of eligibility for vaccine imports Contact GMP Groups for direct support from experts.  GMP Groups Joint Stock Company Head office: Lot LK20.8, Ecoriver Eco-Investor, Hai […]

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Production process of medicinal products

According to the World Health Organization in a 2016 study, about 84% of the world’s population uses medicinal drugs. Especially in Eastern countries including Vietnam, pharmaceuticals and medicinal products have become an important part of the field of medicine and pharmacy. Medicinal herbs are derived from many different ingredients in nature such as from eastern […]

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