What is a veterinary cleanroom? Requirements, standards of veterinary cleanroom

Veterinary cleanrooms are a mandatory factor for veterinary pharmaceutical factories. In order for the factory to be licensed to operate production, clean rooms must meet many strict standards and requirements. So what is a veterinary clean room? What standards do veterinary medicine factories need to meet when building clean rooms? GMP Groups will answer the […]

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Standards of vaccine storage (including Covid-19 vaccines)

The wrong way to store and transport vaccines will not be guaranteed, leading to the possibility that antibody antibiotics to prevent disease will be reduced, even causing accidents. Therefore, facilities need to strictly comply with the requirements of vaccine storage such as temperature, how to store and use, refrigerators to preserve. However, good practice of […]

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Pharmaceutical and cosmetic research consultancy services

In order to improve competitiveness and meet the demand for products of reasonable quality and price, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health food enterprises need to pay attention to the research and preparation of products in a professional and methodical way. The article below will provide full information about GMP Groups’ pharmaceutical – cosmetic – health food […]

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Process of approving the total premises (planning) of investment projects in industrial parks

At the beginning of the construction of an investment project in an industrial park, large or small, any investor must implement the master plan of construction premises. Specifically, make a detailed plan according to the launch rate of 1/500. This will be the way to shape all the works on the ground; both in terms […]

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Production of pharmaceutical packaging in accordance with GMP-WHO guidelines

Pharmaceuticals are products that are directly related to the health of the user. During the manufacturing process, the quality of the drug can be affected by many factors, including packaging. With the policy of comprehensive assurance of pharmaceutical quality, until 2007 the Ministry of Health issued 4 principles of good practice for pharmaceutical factories (GMP, […]

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Process of allocation and lease of land for investment projects in industrial parks

Besides factors related to the industry attracting investment, market demand, investment capital, investment policies, labor resources … One issue that any investor should pay attention to when implementing investment projects in industrial parks is the process of allocating and renting investment land.  In order to help investors have an overview of the procedures for applying […]

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The stage of applying for project investment policy in an industrial park 

In the period of preparing to implement investment projects in industrial parks, the procedure for applying for approval of investment policies is having many obstacles for investors in carrying out procedures for competent state agencies. GMP Groups – a unit with many years of experience in the field of investment consultancy, with a team of […]

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List of establishments designated for testing for state management of food safety

The Department of Food Safety – Ministry of Health has just published a list of establishments designated for testing for state management of food safety. According to the Food Safety Administration, food testing aims to determine food products that are safe for users. For example, food does not contain pathogenic microorganisms, toxic chemicals, additives that […]

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TRS 961 (2011) – Appendix 6 – WHO GMP for sterile pharmaceuticals

In the process of implementing the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Good Drug Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines within the framework of the WHO Pre-Evaluation Program, a number of changes have been proposed and implemented. For ease of follow-up, this full guide has been republished as an appendix to the latest report by the WHO Expert Council […]

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