Cleanroom construction services


Cleanroom construction is one of the outstanding strengths of GMP Groups in the overall suite of cleanroom solutions that we provide. With in-depth capacity and experience in the field of cleanroom, GMP Groups is confident to meet the progress and quality requirements of customers. The article below will introduce an overview of GMP Groups’ cleanroom construction services.

Overview of cleanroom construction services

Depending on the size of the factory, the cleanroom area is the entire factory, or just a small room with a production line. Each manufacturing sector has different environmental standards and criteria in cleanrooms.

What is a clean room for?

Cleanroom construction is the use of techniques in the field of construction and installation of insulation together for the construction of a GMP standard clean room. There, we can control the environment, the density of dust particles in the air to ensure safety and sterility.

The construction of clean rooms brings great benefits to the production unit as well as the user. It ensures that the interior space inside the room is 100% clean and sterile, free of dirt that harms the health of the person working in the clean room. 

Criteria when selecting contractors for construction of clean rooms

In fact, cleanrooms are complex environments that require highly specialized experience and knowledge to design and build. In order to select a professional cleanroom contractor, the investor needs to base on the following evaluation criteria:

Contractors are required to have expertise in the field of cleanroom and experience in field projects

– Safety construction capability, ensuring progress, quality and environmental hygiene

– Proactively update the progress and report to the investor; actively interact, respond and coordinate with the investor during construction to adjust the unreasonable points of the project

– Documents on construction, appraisal and completion documents are complete, accurate and clear

– Capable of training, operating guidance and transferring the system competently

– Have a long-term, sustainable warranty and maintenance policy

In addition to the above criteria, an optimal cleanroom contractor is the unit capable of handling and responsible for the entire clean room project instead of the construction process itself. With such contractors, the investor will save a lot of time, cost and effort on finding and managing individual contractors.

GMP Groups’ cleanroom construction capacity

With many years of experience in the field of cleanroom design and construction, GMP Groups is confident of having the capacity to assume the role of contractor for the construction of cleanrooms overall and comprehensively. Here are the factors that make GMP be trusted by many investors.

Diverse field and package solutions

With its experience, GMP Groups has the ability to carry out design consultancy, cleanroom construction of standards in many different fields, such as:

Pharmaceutical cleanrooms, health-protecting foods

Cosmetic CleanRoom

Food clean room

Electronic CleanRoom

Veterinary CleanRoom

Hospital cleanrooms, agriculture, science,…

Not only designing clean rooms, GMP Groups is also one of the few contractors capable of providing a package solution, turnkey in the field of cleanroom. The set of solutions we offer includes:

Consulting on planning investment projects and cleanroom projects

Cleanroom Design Consultancy

Cleanroom construction

Appraisal and evaluation of cleanrooms

Consulting quality management system in clean room

Preparation technology consultancy

Consulting on production equipment, testing, warehouse and electromechanical  

With a diverse field and overall solutions, GMP Groups is confident to be able to take on the whole project from the time of ideation until completion. The investor will not need to look for other specialized contractors.

Experienced construction team

The capacity of the construction team is one of the important factors determining the quality of construction. GMP Groups’ construction team is a project manager, engineer and a team of skilled workers with extensive experience in the field of cleanroom construction. 

Dịch vụ thi công phòng sạch của GMP Groups

GMP Groups’ cleanroom construction team

Ensure quality standards

The ultimate goal of clean room design is to help the construction and installation of standard cleanroom systems, from which the factory and factory pass the appraisal process and successfully come into operation.

As a gathering place for experts in quality management systems, GMP Groups ensures that the construction meets the standards for each type of cleanroom. Moreover, we are capable of meeting strict standards of our partners’ products in the European and AMERICAN markets, creating a premise for investors when orienting their business in these markets. 

Technology breakthrough application

This is one of the differences between GMP Groups and contractors in the same field. With the motto “maximizing value and benefits for customers”, GMP Groups has invested in modern and advanced technologies in the world today to serve the design and construction to bring the highest efficiency.

VR technology

Virtual reality technology is a key technology in the 4.0 revolution. In Vietnam, this technology has not yet been widely adopted due to the high cost.

GMP Groups is proud to be the first cleanroom contractor in Vietnam that is applying virtual reality technology in the design and construction of clean rooms. With this technology, we have launched virtual reality tours at the MEP system, the cleanroom of the projects that we have carried out. These tours help investors to visit the entire cleanroom system of a factory, factory right on the electronics without going to the place. From there, the investor can refer to and shape the idea of building a clean room and GMP Groups will accompany in making that idea a reality.

Visit our VR360 tour at: VR360 Project

Timelapse Timelapse Photography Technology

Timelapse technology has been applied in a number of fields and is particularly effective in construction. For the design and construction of clean rooms, GMP Groups is also a pioneering contractor using timelapse images and videos. 

With each project implemented, we have timelapse videos documenting the entire project implementation process from the original land until the factory is put into operation. The investor can refer to those products for the management of his project. At the same time, during the construction of the project, the investor can directly monitor the construction progress by day, hour or even minute through our timelapse camera system. 

3. Cleanroom construction process at GMP Groups

GMP Groups prides itself on our creativity and flexibility with the clean rooms we offer. We follow a standard construction process consisting of 4 steps:

Quy trình thi công phòng sạch

GMP Groups cleanroom construction phases

With the “Turnkey Solution”, GMP Groups has been selected by investors to accompany cleanroom projects. You can check out our actual projects at: GMP Groups CleanRoom Project

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