In order to produce cosmetic products that meet the standards for the market, cosmetic factories use cleanroom systems as a mandatory and irreplaceable workspace. Join GMP Groups to learn about cosmetic production conditions, construction requirements and cleanroom lines of cosmetic factories in the article below.


Cosmetic production conditions

Cosmetics in Vietnam are becoming more and more tightly controlled over time. Currently, establishments must meet certain production conditions in compliance with Decree 93/2016/ND-CP and Decree 155/2018/ND-CP, which are evaluated and certified by the Department of Health. 

Especially to ensure the safety and quality of products as well as products allowed to trade not only domestic markets but also in asean associations, compliance with the principles and standards of ‘Good Practice guidelines for cosmetic production’ (cGMP-ASEAN) is a mandatory requirement.

Cleanliness in cosmetic production is not specifically mentioned in the guidance systems or principles and standards of “good cosmetic manufacturing practice guidelines” (cGMP-ASEAN). But the majority of D-levels (equivalent to ISO class 8 as classified in ISO 14644-1:2015) are applied in pharmaceutical manufacturing to cosmetic manufacturing applications. In addition, depending on the quality control requirements of the manufacturer, higher clean levels can be applied.


Construction requirements and cosmetic cleanroom lines designed and constructed by GMP Groups

Yêu cầu xây dựng và các dây chuyền phòng sạch mỹ phẩm do GMP Groups tư vấn thiết kế, thi công

Construction requirements and cosmetic cleanroom lines designed and constructed by GMP Groups

2.1. Requirements for building a clean room

In the manufacturing process, the environment is the factor that most affects the quality of cosmetics. Depending on the different stages of production, the level of environmental control will vary. In which all stages where the environment is exposed to the product must be strictly controlled. In order to control the environment at the production stages exposed to the product, the environment must be in a safe and quality “clean room” space.

2.2. Cosmetic cleanroom line designed and constructed by GMP Groups 

GMP Groups offers a number of cosmetic production lines that ensure CGMP-ASEAN standards as follows:

– Wet line: gel, cream, lotion, lipstick 

– Dry line: powder, nudity

Source of content information in the article: Clean grade classification in ISO 14644-1:2015

With the desire to bring a comprehensive service ecosystem related to the cosmetics sector, GMP Groups will be the perfect choice for any customer’s needs. 

The above is an overview of cleanroom services in the cosmetic sector of GMP Groups. For more information, please see more at: What is a cleanroom? Standards of cosmetic cleanrooms

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