The cleanliness level used in electronic cleanrooms is classified according to ISO 14644-1:2015, the clean level gradually decreasing from ISO class 1 to ISO class 8. Join GMP Groups to learn about cleanroom lines and clean levels in the electronic component factory in the article below.


Clean levels of electronic cleanrooms

Depending on the product produced, the cleanroom is divided into various levels of cleanliness. This is aimed at controlling environmental factors, especially urinary concentration and microbial limits.

Electronic cleanrooms are clean rooms designed according to the standards of clean rooms to be suitable for the production of components and electronic equipment, especially in component manufacturing areas and microchips. 

The main feature of an electronic cleanroom is to prevent dirt from coming from polluting objects (people or objects). Therefore, clean rooms are built with airshower gas chambers to avoid introducing pollutants into the room that affect the efficiency of the clean room.


The reason why we need to build a clean room

Xây dựng phòng sạch tĩnh điện

Building a clean, static room

Electronics is an industry with very strict requirements for accuracy in each stage of production. Electronic components and microchips are considered the heart of each electronic product, only a small bolt can destroy electronic boards and chips. The production and assembly of electronic components from the beginning has needed to have a suitable environment to ensure humidity, ensuring the number of particult matter. Therefore, clean rooms are indispensable for electronic factories.

In the Vietnamese market, electronic cleanrooms usually apply one of the following two criteria: 

Iso 14644-1 International Standard

Clean level gradually decreased from ISO 1 to ISO 8

Fed Std 209 E Standard 

With reduced clean levels: from Class 1, Class 10, Class 100, Class 1000, Class 10,000, Class 100,000.

Other standards

Besides the two main standards, a few other standard parameters that need to be paid attention when building an electronic cleanroom include:

Temperature standard: The average temperature is from 20-26oC, this is a safe temperature for equipment as well as electronic components, so that the batteries operate stably. This standard will keep the welds or links from melting.

Humidity standard: Humidity should remain at an average of 18-55% depending on the type of component and the extent of human appearance in a cleanroom.

Dust standard: Control according to ISO-14644 and FS 209 standards.

Pressure standard: 15 – 45 Pa

Noise standard: 40 – 65 Db

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