Health-protecting food cleanrooms

Just like pharmaceutical cleanrooms, in tpbvsk cleanrooms are also popular lines that are characterized by 4 levels of cleanliness. This classification is based on the maximum number of sub-stools in the air. Join GMP Groups to learn about cleanroom lines and clean levels in BVSK food factory in the article below.

Project investment process outside the industrial park

Besides investing in industrial parks, investment outside the industrial park is also the type of interest to many investors. In the article below, GMP Groups will provide the process and way of investing projects outside the industrial park in the most detailed way.

Consulting on investment project planning and planning

Understanding the process for implementing an investment project not only helps the investor grasp the work to be done, but also ensures the legal conditions for the stable operation of the project. GMP Groups will provide you with information about the process of implementing two types of investment projects: investment projects in industrial parks and investment projects outside industrial parks. 

Consultancy on declaration of eligibility for medical equipment production

Medical equipment (TTBYT) is a special, essential item, present in every hospital and medical facility. In the context of the strong covid epidemic, businesses turned to manufacturing medical equipment partly to meet domestic supply, another part to be able to overcome difficult times during the epidemic. Accompanying businesses operating in medical equipment, GMP Groups sends customers the content of advice to announce the eligibility to produce medical equipment in the country.

Cleanroom construction

Cleanroom construction is one of the outstanding strengths of GMP Groups in the overall suite of cleanroom solutions that we provide. We provide a full range of construction items, bringing the highest benefit to customers.

Cleanroom Appraisal and Evaluation Services

In order to allow cleanrooms to be put into use and create products of the desired quality, meeting the requirements of relevant guidelines and laws, at each stage of the cleanroom, we must “Appraise and evaluate cleanrooms”. The evaluation and appraisal of clean rooms must always go hand in hand with the process of building a clean room. Find out about this service with the article below.

Equipment calibrating and inspection services

Currently in all areas, the use of measuring devices to monitor the control of process parameters is essential. This helps to achieve safe and quality end results. To ensure accurate measuring equipment, errors are within the permissible limits, these devices must first be manufactured by a quality, originating line system. Then those devices must be calibrated and inspected initially and periodically. 

Preparation technology consultancy

Research on pharmaceutical preparation – cosmetics – food BVSK is the stage that is focused on the most professional investment in factories in this field. The article below will provide full information about GMP Groups’ product preparation research service.

Consulting on production equipment, testing, warehouse and electromechanical

Consulting production equipment, testing to suit the technology and investment rate as well as meeting GMP requirements during the appraisal process is a mandatory factor. In the following article, GMP Groups will introduce to readers the consulting service of production equipment and testing in accordance with GMP Groups’ GMP standards.